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↓ Oslo Innovation Week / Gorm K. Gaare
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Are you a new entrepreneur?
We offer basic info on how to start a company and opportunities to help you grow and succeed, including links to relevant networks, hubs and events.
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Support to startups and growth companies in Oslo during Covid-19
The coronavirus outbreak is a major challenge for businesses. We support growth companies in Oslo and the Oslo startup community by sharing information related to funding, legal advice and other resources amid the pandemic.
OIW2020 opening
Icon lightbulb medium 27-30 September 2021
Oslo Innovation Week
Oslo Innovation Week highlights solutions that solve real global challenges through entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. In September 2020, entrepreneurs, investors and tech leaders joined us from all around the world for the virtual Oslo Innovation Week 2020: It's Time to Build. 80 digital events were hosted by 150 partners during the 16th annual conference.

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